What would you do if you knew the date Jesus was returning?

Jesus won’t tell us the exact date he’s coming back for a reason.

If we knew the date, we’d prepare ourselves for that date rather than him. Our focus would be on that date. If the lord said “okay this day next year I’m coming” What would you honestly do? You’d start a list of all the things you need to prepare and start doing, all the things you want to do and start “living”.

There’s your issue. You focus on this date and your actions can become self indulged. Not in all cases of course, but many people would put more focus in themselves rather than saving others. All the prayers for forgiveness and how you can be a better Christian (which should be done out of faith). All the things you want to do on earth before time’s up.

Now be honest with yourself, even I know I’d be freaking out and kicking myself in gear. Or like an assignment you’d be leaving it till the last minute. The reason we aren’t given a date is because we should follow the lord out of love and hunger for him, not because of a date. He wants us to live like he’s coming tomorrow, to save as many as we can, to live by example and pray and worship, looking for him in every moment of our day rather than just a Sunday fling. It’s a working practice, but it’s our purpose to serve and worship him. To aim to fill ourselves as much as we can with the blood of Jesus so we can be like him as only he can enable us to be ready for when he comes.

Which I do believe is soon. And our time on earth is the only time we get the freedom to worship like we do, through faith.

So, as this year ends and a new one begins, I encourage you to make those new year resolutions come to pass. To pray for your friends and families and follow the path the Lord has set before you.

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